Keep your mask close to you and easily accessible.  Our 14K gold double layered necklace chain is a classic link chain with a layered dainty shorter chain attached. Lightweight, functional and multi-purpose - this chain can be used as a mask holder so when not in use, you can let it hang around your neck, as a necklace, or as a sunglass holder.  This multi-purpose chain comes with two silicone loop attachment that you can easily attach to your reading glasses/sunglasses. These silicone loops are not meant to be used on masks. Unlike other chains, our is made from 14K gold filled, which will last longer and stand up to wear and tear better than gold plated.


Product Detail:

  • 1 double layered necklace
  • 14K Gold Filled  
  • First layer:  14 ½”
  • Second layer:  20”
  • 3” extender
  • imported

How to Wear as Mask Necklace

  • Attach clasp of the necklace to the bottom elastic part of your mask
  • Put on face mask and let necklace hang by ears and behind neck
  • When wearing a mask is not needed, remove mask and let it hang in front of you. Or simply remove mask and wear it as a necklace by attaching both clasp together for a layered double necklace look

 How to Wear as Sunglass Chain

  • Clip plastic loop attachments to each side of necklace
  • Pull plastic loops over each arm of sunglasses or eyeglasses