Why Matching Sets Are Your New Best Friend

If you've had a time that you were stressing over what to wear, it might be because you were missing a matching set. They are effortless to wear yet look so put together. Here is our favorite summer two-piece set of the season: The Alessa Blazer and Virginia shorts. It's a chic look you can throw on without a single thought.

white blazer short matching set

Another benefit to matching sets is that unlike one-pieces such as dresses and jumpsuits, YOU DON'T HAVE TO WEAR THEM TOGETHER. Wearing them with different articles of clothing can turn them into an entirely different outfit. Take a look at the Alessa blazer paired with denim and a plain white tee, talk about casually chic. Nothing says summer better than the Virginia shorts paired with a simple gingham off-shoulder top. Now you have three completely different outfits you can rock during the rest of the hot summer months.

Matching sets truly are best friend material.

women's white blazer business casualwomen's white shorts gingham top

August 01, 2019 — Brittany Landreth